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  Huashuo Group International Enterprise is a huge multinational company including science research, production and trade. It has tens company such as Shanghai Peifo Company, Shanghai Huashuo company, Yingjie Power & Electronic Research Institute, Suzhou Purification Company, and so on. We used fast roll door technology from France, USA , Germany , United Kingdom, Japan for reference and imported safe technology, speed change technology, anti-collision technology, automatic restoration technology. Meanwhile, we developed automatic digital allocation technology, height-adjustable and process-monitoring technology, start & stop in low speed, run in high speed technology, which make our fast roll door in advanced technology, and have many functions with reliable quality guarantee and stable performance.

  Shanghai Peifo Automatic Control Equipments Limited Company is a sub-company of Hongkong Huashuo Group, a joint venture enterprise, registered in Shanghai. It is a new technology enterprise and has mainly run door industry, distribution equipment, and automatic machine equipment, decorating equipment, purifying air equipment and office automatic equipment after several years’ strategic reorganization. It includes door series ( high speed door, high speed roll door, free door, thermos door, piling up door, sliding up door, megadoor, fast roll door, induction door, two-side open door, push & pull door, circulating door, roll door, and all kinds of industrial door),wind straining series ( people straining room, goods straining room, cleaning workshop, distribution series (door shelter, discharge cargo flat), curtain series ( PVC soft door curtain, curtain). Among different kinds of automatic control manufactures, the company depends on its great deal of professional experience and standard system to provide process service for manufacture industry, distribution industry and so on. It makes enterprise distribution smoothly by innovation constantly and reform continuously.

  Classic design of its product shows Europe fashion style. It produces excellent products with high quality by inducing strict technology quality grantee system from German. The company provides detail function design for customers according to their different requirement.

  Credit shows image. The company insists on such a enterprise center principal as “all are based on credit”. It will run stably and develop continuously based on steady work, which makes every customer set their heart at ease when using products produced by Peifo company.

  Classic use:It can be used in such industries as outside and inside channel, separated inside temporary or permanent, separated special work area, doorway of loading frame, doorway of refrigerator room, doorway of freezing equipment, doorway of transferring belt, clean room, painting room, noise room, anti-insect curtain, doorway of refrigerating garage, welding room, electronic plant curtain, food factory, medicine factory, textile factory, chemistry factory, printing factory, supermarket, hotel, school, hospital, refrigerator room, refrigerator car, distribution center and so on.

  Consultant: answer any question about door and provide professional plan for customer.

  Design: high efficiency, beautiful, economic, practical, safe. Use Canada FRE technology parameter to design.

  Manufacture: we will produce products according to customers’ requirement, and all products meet the need of GMP.

  Install: isolate base frame can connect with all kinds of wall.

  Maintenance: 4 times appointed check in one year, maintenance regularly to remove a hidden danger, solve emergence problem with 36 hours.

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